Hedge Holdings is a UK property investment company that specializes in acquiring, redeveloping and managing properties sourced across the UK. Our properties are sourced through reliable property sourcers, auctions and estate agents in the United Kingdom. Our value added philosophy ensures we invest in properties that can be redeveloped to create sustainable streams of cash flow and grow equity over a period of time. Our properties are redeveloped to deliver energy efficient accommodation our rental clients can call a home.

We also specialise in developing modern and stylish residential apartments from unused or unloved commercial buildings. We build from ground up to create tasteful new living spaces using our wealth of experience and team of skilled builders.

The company offers comprehensive property investment opportunities to investors who are seeking to invest in the UK property sector.

Investment Strategy

Our company strategy is known as BRRR. BRRR stands for Buy-Rehab-Refinance/Resell. The strategy is robustly implemented by sourcing properties that have value added potentials, refurbishing and re-mortgage/refinance or sell.

Business Principles

Our business principles are:
Integrity – We pride ourselves in honesty and uprightness.
Trust – Our engagement with our clients is based on trust and dedication.
Innovation – Our innovative approach makes the outcome of each project extremely satisfying.
Commitment – We are committed to fulfilling our obligations to our investor partners and our rental clients

Charity Obligation

As a way of giving back, the company aims to re-invest 10% of our yearly profit in homeless and religious organizations every year.

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Address: Hedge Holdings Ltd, Suite 30823, P.O. Box 6945, London, W1A 6US

Phone: 01763 259204